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Installing a Zip Line Ride in My Back Yard

I wanted to do something special for my kids this past holiday season, but I was unsure of what exactly I ought to do for them.  We are definitely a family that loves the outdoors, and we have a huge back yard with plenty of room for my kids to run, jump, and play.  After looking into a few different options, I actually found a company that specializes in zip line rides Colorado springs.  We do have a large, steep hill in our back yard, and my kids have often spent hours at a time rolling down it.  Well, what better accessory to add to this hill than a zip line ride?

Of course, I was still a bit skeptical, as the last thing I wanted to do was to install something in the back yard that could lead to injury.  This was also a concern that my wife brought up to me, and we discussed it at some length prior to actually contacting the zip line company and discussing it with them.  They explained to us both exactly how the zip line rides work, and they told me that their installers are fully trained in making certain that safety is the number one priority.  In fact, they even told me that these zip line rides can safely go 100 miles per hour.  We certainly did not want anything that fast in the back yard, so we were convinced that it could be installed safely.

I must tell you, my kids absolutely love this thing!  They are constantly in the back yard riding down it, and I have even tried it and it has fully supported my weight.  There has never been anything close to an injury, and it has given my kids hundreds of hours of fun.