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My Son’s First Piano

My son has recently picked up an interest in learning how to play music.  After we had a few discussions about what kind of instrument he wanted to play, he came to the conclusion that he wanted to learn how to play the piano.  Being that I have no real understanding of musical instruments, I decided that I needed to find a piano store boston that could be helpful in helping us to purchase something just to get him started.  I do not know if it is something that he will stick with or not, so I definitely did not want to spend a whole lot of money just for him to give it a try.  This meant that I needed to deal with a piano store that would help me without trying to sell me the most expensive piano they had.

Well, I decided to take him to a local piano store here in the Boston area, and the staff of the store was incredibly helpful to us.  They understood that he was just beginning to learn how to play, and they told us that they have lower priced pianos that are perfect for a child who is just beginning in order to see if it is something that he wants to continue to pursue.  They did not pressure us into spending more money than I needed to, and I wound up walking out of the building feeling confident in my purchase.

My son has been practicing on his own for a couple months with some books that we got from the store, and I have gone ahead and scheduled his first official lesson for next week.  I am hoping that he sticks with it, and if he does, we might end up getting him something nicer from the same store.